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3LPlace Lifelong Learning Modules

3LPlace has many opportunities to learn and we encourage participants to pick the ones that best reflect their own interests and preferences. We offer MODULES, described below, which can be mixed and matched to fit each individual’s needs and budget.

Regardless of what activity is going on, members at 3LPlace are continuously and simultaneously working on developing individual skills in the areas of:

  • Creative expression
  • Self-awareness and self-determination
  • Relationships
  • Person-centered planning
  • Executive function and critical thinking

You can find out more and see examples of how we teach our lifelong learning modules, in these videos.


In this module, members engage in exploration, utilize multisensory-based imagining, and work with other expressive modalities to assist with goal development. The learning environment involves both individual and small group activities. Members have daily opportunities to practice and stretch their creativity in their expressions, interactions, thoughts, and actions. This module taps into the imaginative capacity of each individual, following their lead on a topic/passion or exposing them to new areas of interest.

  • Creating collaborative art projects and utilizing group problem-solving
  • Partaking in outings or listening to guest speakers
  • Participating in media-based problem-solving; brain games; improvisation and role playing
  • Delving into research projects on various topics led by member interests
  • Embracing and applying a disability positive sense of self and community
  • Bolstering background knowledge and skills of members to become more active and informed members of society


This module is based on creating skills and abilities to assist members with meaningful community participation as independently and safely as possible. 3LPlace integrates the importance of embracing neurodiversity within the context of basic human rights and citizenship. We work with members within the environments they interact with and live in to help achieve these community outcomes. Key questions are asked at the outset to help members think more clearly about the topic: Why do we and how do we live in a community? What do we get from and what do we give to our community? How do we use all the islands of knowledge/skills that we have and apply them to create meaningful lifelong learning experiences?

  • Visiting places where critical and abstract concepts can be made concrete, such as: city hall, the state house, local libraries, or museums
  • Navigating a community mindfully and responsibly, using a variety of supports such as: maps, travel and review apps, timers, phones, and
  • community safety resources/people
  • Digging deeper into familiar landmarks by differentiating and comparing: What is the difference between city hall and the state house, or the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Science?
  • Developing new, deeper, and connected knowledge utilizing books, internet, community activities, museums, travel, speakers, and theatre
  • Digging deeper into familiar landmarks. What is the difference between the MFA and the Museum of Science?
  • Developing new, deeper and more connected knowledge utilizing books, internet, community activities, museums, travel, speakers, and theatre
  • Striving to put new content in context of the whole – where are we in



3LPlace believes that each member should have the opportunity to pursue meaningful and interesting jobs, careers, continuing education, or volunteer activities. We accomplish this by focusing on each member as an individual, examining their passions and goals, strengths, and challenges. Keeping these in mind, we then support them to explore and develop their career interests, readiness, and skills as workers, at their own pace. By taking this approach, we increase motivation, independence, personal satisfaction, and self-determination.

  • Creating career awareness through exploration
  • Developing individual “My Work Profile” (identifies personal goals, passions and interests as well as needs for training, skills acquisition, communication style and regulation)
  • Participating in work readiness coaching
  • Working on training skills for specific job interests
  • Continuing educational opportunities
  • Finding supported



This module focuses on the development of skills to increase levels of independence in the home and in the community. This module works on both Activities for Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities for Daily Living (IADLs) based on the individual goals determined by both the individual and relevant and respectful family members and/or providers.

  • Learning about exercise, nutrition, meal planning, meal preparation, cleanup
  • Dining with other members, including preparing for group meals practicing relevant social etiquette practices and manners Learning and practicing relevant procedures (for example, previewing menus and ratings, ordering, paying, tipping, and showing gratitude) for dining out
  • Exploring money math concepts for meal budgeting, medication costs, and other necessities
  • Practicing travel training while navigating community to shop for groceries, or other errands
  • Developing laundry skills
  • Organizing skills, general cleaning skills, and other chores to work on generalizing these skills across environments, both at 3LPlace and in member’s home




In this module, members work on social emotional awareness and social thinking, including their ability to connect with others in social activities.

  • Developing reciprocal social communication
  • Practicing social pragmatics such as sharing space on sidewalks, escalators,
  • buses and subways, or the pragmatics of ordering a meal or purchasing at stores
  • Respecting personal space
  • Helping create and follow a group plan
  • Navigating both group time and independent time in productive and pleasurable ways
  • Reading the room and understanding socially expected vs. unexpected behaviors in varied settings
  • Regulating voice/body control and learning when to say something aloud versus keeping thoughts to ourselves out of respect for someone else’s feelings
  • Practicing active kindness & flexible thinking


See examples of how we teach our lifelong learning modules in these videos.


For more information about 3LPlace, you can call us at 617-764-3280, email us at info@3LPlace (DOT) org, or use this convenient form.