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Our philosophy

We believe clinicians and educators can view students through a holistic lens and acknowledge an individual’s developmental, physical, sensory, emotional, social and cognitive needs.

We believe we can provide a rich and rewarding educational experience that is intentional, and individualized in all domains of their adult lives: career development, life skills, community involvement, social relationships, self-care and recreational choices.

We believe in humor, creativity, and joy because these are the energizers and social connectors that enliven and deepen relationships and experiences.

We believe in the power of a student’s personal preferences and interests to increase internal motivation, infuse enthusiasm and increase social engagement.

We believe in strengthening the foundational capacities of regulation, engagement, reciprocity, and social problem-solving that lead to increased resiliency, adaptability, self-care, effective communication and social connection.

We believe in a person-centered approach to ensure a member finding their own unique, fulfilling way to participate in their lives, form lasting and meaningful relationships, and contribute to their communities as who they are and who they are becoming.

We believe in members and their loved ones having a chance to dream big and embrace optimism while still addressing the real world demands and challenges they face on a daily basis.