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Lifelong Learning Module Videos

The videos that follow are an introduction to 3LPlace's Lifelong Learning Modules.

Our modules, Daring to Dream, Community, Work and Career, Life Skills and Social Skills, are taught at different times during the day and early evening. Members can choose the modules that are most in keeping with their interest, needs and budget. We also offer social and recreational program on weekends (a brochure that describes the modules in more detail is available here).

First up, we hear from Deborah Flaschen, 3LPlace's CEO and co-founder.


In our next presentation, Clinical Director Meghan Montgomery describes the Daring to Dream Module, and focuses on our curriculum for Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and Advocacy.


Next up, Life Skills specialist Rachel Steinberg talks about our Life Skills Module, and about the unique and holistic approach to teaching these skills at 3LPlace.


In this video, we hear from senior developmental coordinator Michael Bowman about our Community Module, and particularly about teaching the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.


We hope you'll visit from time to time for more videos on 3LPlace, our modules and our approach to lifelong learning!