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3LPlace Learning Modules

3LPlace has many opportunities to learn and we encourage participants to pick the ones that best reflect their own interests and preferences. We offer MODULES, described below, which can be mixed and matched to fit each individual’s needs and budget.

Regardless of what activity is going on, members at 3LPlace are continuously and simultaneously working on developing individual skills in the areas of:

  • Creative expression
  • Self-awareness and self-determination
  • Relationships
  • Person-centered planning
  • Executive function and critical thinking

Our program is organized in the following Modules, with intentional overlap between them.


Shared environment where members engage in imagining and goal development in a framework of creative exploration and expression.

Members have daily opportunities to practice and stretch their creativity in their expressions, interactions, thoughts, creations, and actions. Taps into the creative forces of each individual, following their lead on an interest or passion or exposing them to new areas of creative interest.

Activities include: collaborative arts projects and group problem-solving; outings or guest speakers; media-based problem-solving; brain games; improvisation and role playing; related research projects.


  • Why and how we live in a community
  • What we get and what we give to our community
  • Weaving islands of knowledge and skill into whole tapestry/gestalt.

Activities include:

  • Visiting places where critical and abstract concepts can be made concrete, such as: City Hall, State House, local libraries, JFK Library, using maps to navigate and plan visits.
  • Exploring what’s happening in the world.
  • Digging deeper into familiar landmarks. What is the difference between the MFA and the Museum of Science?
  • Developing new, deeper and more connected knowledge utilizing books, internet, community activities, museums, travel, speakers, and theatre.
  • Striving to put new content in context of the whole – where are we in space? In time? Why do we measure things? Why do we choose to live in societies?


We consider it essential that each member has the opportunity to pursue jobs, careers, continuing education or volunteer activities that are personally meaningful and interesting.

We accomplish this by focusing on each member as an individual, examining their passions and goals, strengths and challenges, as we support them to explore and develop their career interests and skills as workers, at their own pace. By taking this approach, we increase motivation, independence, personal satisfaction, and self-determination.

All members participate in this Module at the level of their individual need, interest and preparedness.

Activities include:

  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Creating individual “My Work Profile” (identifies personal goals, passions and interests as well as needs for training, skills acquisition communication style and regulation.)
  • Work readiness coaching
  • Continuing education
  • Work training
  • Supported employment


Active pursuits with focus on health, mind and body fitness.

3LP Vertical - 2.jpg
Activities include: walks, gym sessions, yoga, meditation training, martial arts, swimming, skiing and skating in winter.


  • Nutrition, meal planning, meal preparation, cleanup
  • Dining together
  • Money math in context of meal budgeting
  • Travel training in context of navigating community to shop for groceries
  • Laundry skills
  • Organization and general cleaning skills

Our members kick back and have fun on weekends with visits to shows, sporting events, museums, fairs, the circus and a host of other activitiues.
For more information about 3LPlace, you can call us at 617-764-3280, email us at info@3LPlace (DOT) org, or use this convenient form.

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