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The importance of "team"

Every member and staff member at 3LPlace is part of our team, and we all have roles, rights and responsibilities.

Members are a critical part of planning: for activities, community events and, of course, for their own progress toward their own goals.

Throughout each day at 3LPlace, we all practice “being our best selves” in relation to other members, our staff and people we encounter in the community. 

“Being our best selves” extends to physical fitness and mindfulness, which are daily practices at 3LPlace, both scheduled and as-needed.

Once a week, we hold a “Team Meeting” with all members, covering a variety of themes that stretch across our modules. We encourage our members to learn to be meeting leaders, if they are interested.

Team meeting emphasizes:


  • Members' interests, hopes and dreams, concerns or worries
  • Supported decision-making among members across simple and complex themes
  • Ways to practice “Being our best selves” across environments—when staff is and isn’t present
  • Neurodiversity and Ableism as an ongoing theme of focus and importance
  • Leadership as a skill carefully practiced and improved upon over time
  • Ongoing relevant and social emotional updates and special considerations
  • Ongoing learning and community objectives and opportunities
  • Ongoing character development via exploring a character trait every one or two monthsimportanceofteam1.jpg
  • Flexibility of meeting space: We hold meetings both indoors and outdoors, and believe that once group cohesion is established, there are limitless opportunities and spaces to hold meaningful, productive, and inspiring meetings
  • Cultural and political (local, national, and world) current events that shape members as citizens
  • Environmental practices that support deepening our connection to the earth and all creatures that belong to it with tactical challenges
  • Mindfulness as a strategy for slowing the fast-paced world when we need to.

For more information about 3LPlace, you can call us at 617-764-3280, email us at info@3LPlace (DOT) org, or use this convenient form.