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DDS and 3LPlace launch

Education and Training Pilot

Adults eligible for Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services may now use their self-directed state funds to pay for 3LPlace learning modules as part of a new pilot project launched this week.

The 3LPlace/DDS Education and Training Pilot project is now accepting applications, and 3LPlace founder and CEO Deborah Flaschen couldn’t be more excited.

“I am delighted that under this new program, 3LPlace will be accessible to more individuals and families,” she said. “We’ve been working with DDS for a long time to make this happen.

"From the inception of 3LPlace our goal has been to provide individualized learning opportunities, and to encourage our members to actively participate in planning their own future, in the community.

"This makes that possible for many more people.”

3LPlace’s learning modules include “Daring to Dream,” which helps members with creatively imagining and developing personal goals; “Community,” which explores why, how and what skills we need to live in community with others; “Work and Career,” a self-determined approach to finding meaningful jobs, careers, continuing education, or volunteer activities; “Life Skills,” which builds skills for independence; and “Social Skills,” which works on social emotional awareness and social thinking.

For more information about this new funding opportunity, please email us or call us at 617-764-3280. Approval from DDS is required.

Click here for our new 7-page brochure about the 3LPlace/DDS Education and Training Institute Pilot.

Emory University chooses our Curriculum

for Autism Center resource guide

Emory University in Atlanta, one of the world's leading research universities, recently identified the 3LPlace Curriculum as "comprehensive" in a guide published by its School of Medicine Autism Center.

They wrote: "This project provides a framework for understanding the variation in functioning in individuals, the Curriculum enables educators and service providers to develop individualized goals, learning plans and supports that meet the unique needs of each individual."


3LPlace wiki offers lesson plans, social scripts

3LPlace is excited to announce the beta launch of our 3LPlace Wiki, a unique online collaboration that provides free access to the expertise, ideas and learning materials developed by our team and by participating teachers and clinicians worldwide.

The 3LPlace Wiki offers lesson plans, social scripts and a host of other tools for working with individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as a place for ongoing discussion and feedback. The simple, easy-to-use format is similar to Wikipedia.

Plans and tools explore learning in areas such as critical thinking, creative expression, career, living in community, relationships, social awareness and self-awareness, as well as life skills. Materials can be customized to fit each individual participant.

"At present, teachers, parents and clinicians have to reinvent the wheel each time they sit down to prepare to work with someone. It's time-consuming, wearying, and it's a waste of time that could otherwise be spent engaged in direct service with people," said our founder and CEO, Deborah Flaschen.

Existing online resources require many searches across many topics and aren't organized in a user-friendly way. Materials are often copyrighted, or cost money.

"It is our hope that with this Wiki we will advance the quality of life for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities," Flaschen said.

If you are interested in participating in helping us beta test the wiki, please contact us and we will send you log-in information and instructions. We are asking our beta users to contribute at least two lesson plans, social scripts or other learning materials over a 30-day period. We are also seeking feedback that will help us make the wiki relevant to your work, and easy to use.

The 3LPlace Wiki is based on the organization's comprehensive transition curriculum, which represents the collective effort of more than three dozen professionals and experts from top Boston universities and with front line expertise working with individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.

A prototype of the 3LPlace wiki is being evaluated by a group of beta users. Partners who've had a sneak peek at the prototype are excited.

"The wiki provides the opportunity to add and modify lesson plans and social scripts for others to use, making it an easy and accessible way to promote collaboration and information sharing." said Jan Hollenbeck, a transition specialist at Medford Public Schools.

"Sharing ideas and curriculum for supporting individuals to be included fully in community is a wonderful opportunity to develop best practices," said Pamela Green of MyChoice programs in Worcester.

You can see the beta version of the wiki here at Materials on the wiki are available for use under a Creative Commons Share Alike noncommercial agreement.