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Current job opportunities

Occupational Therapist (Full Time)

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, certification, and a valid Massachusetts license in Occupational Therapy

Experience: Three years of experience as an Occupational therapist 
with transitions/young adults preferred 

Job Details:

Position requires a professional with strong interest in adults with developmental disabilities, including autism. The individual must be committed and able to build meaningful relationships with 3LPlace’s program members and view each member through a holistic lens. The individual must possess the skills and insight to understand each 3LPlace member participant, in terms of their unique developmental, physical, sensory, emotional, social, and cognitive strengths and challenges. The individual must be energetic, demonstrate initiative, and project positive affect. 3LPlace utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach and the individual must be committed to working and sharing insights as a team member. The individual must share the values of 3LPlace and be willing to work consistent with our curriculum.

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to Cassy Wilson.