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Is 3LPlace right for you?

We are building an intentionally diverse community at 3LPlace, and we welcome individuals with a range of abilities and challenges.
Diagnosis and age aren’t important, but attitude is!

Participants are likely to be:

  • Both men and women of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds;
  • Living with various developmental disabilities;
  • Done with their schooling through their IEP or on a transition referral from their school district;
  • Safe, without behavioral issues that would necessitate restraint or that could cause harm to themselves or other members of our community; and,
  • Interested in figuring out what they are passionate about, and building on those interests toward the brightest possible future.

If that sounds good, we'd love to talk to you!  You can call us at 617-764-3280, email us at info@3LPlace(dot)org, or fill this out and someone will get in touch!

Here's a link to our brochure.