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We’re building community within a community: connections, activities and opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities in the diverse, progressive Greater Boston community of Somerville.

3LPlace offers day, evening and weekend programs to fit a range of individual needs. 

We organize our learning activities in modules, as follows:

  • Daring to Dream
  • Community
  • Work and Career
  • Mind and Body
  • Life Skills

Our learning modules are described in more detail here. Each member's program is highly individualized to their interests, needs and timing and with great deference to self-determination.

Most learning happens in community settings as members participate in a wide range of activities that promote growth in areas such as self-awareness, creative expression, critical thinking and health and wellness.  We've included some sample schedules here. Support for self-regulation and receptive/expressive language is built into all activities and instruction.

In addition, we’re currently expanding to provide independent living supports for individuals residing alone or in group settings, to provide individualized tutoring, and to offer a menu of social activities and opportunities for engagement.

Looking ahead, 3LPlace is planning to foster meaningful inclusion by moving our program into an amazing multigenerational development called Powder House for Somerville.  More about that here.

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