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3LPlace is committed to linking constituents in the developmental disabilities community through both online and campus-based programs.

P1150540 copy.jpgConstituents include maturing individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, their support teams (including schools,educators, doctors, therapeutic clinicians, coaches), local residents, local businesses, local public safety and recreation organizations, state and federal government agencies and policy-makers.

We've had some exciting opportunities for sharing recently, including hands-on music education visits from a Boston University-based Ethnomusicology group and a conversation with an African scholar who is also a Prince of Cameroon.

We want to facilitate the sharing of:

  • Education content that offers replicable models and tools to support individuals over the lifespan, including lesson plans based on our 3LPlace Curriculum
  • Iterative development of that curriculum through our wiki.
  • Social, emotional, recreational activities
  • Vocational and recreational ideas and pursuits
  • Public policy advocacy
  • Ideas, stories, songs and pictures.

Please send comments, suggestions or items to share to:

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