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Workshops, Seminars and Specialty Modules

We also offer afternoon and evening workshops, seminars and specialty modules that are open to the public.  They are taught by our top-notch instructional staff with the same care and respect for individual choice found in our regular 3LPlace modular learning.

For more information, please email Katie Wilson. To register for any of these learning opportunities, go here.

Current offerings include:

Healthy Relationships



Healthy Relationships

(weekly series begins Monday, Jan. 25, 2021.  An informational workshop for those considering it is set for 4 p.m. Dec. 14. Email for more information or a link.) 

Facilitators: 3LPlace Clinical Director Meghan Montgomery and Elana Himmelfarb, principal writer of the 3LPlace Curriculum

Description: Maybe you’ve caught a few episodes of the critically acclaimed “Love on the Spectrum” on Netflix and are wondering how to get started. Or, maybe you (or they) have questions about how to stay safe in relationships of all sorts.

For the first time, 3LPlace is making our relationship experts available to both 3LPlace members and non-members alike in a three-part seminar, “Healthy Relationships."

The course unpacks the issues surrounding relationships, self-advocacy, and sexuality for people with autism and other developmental challenges, in a relaxed distance learning format.

The order of the three eight-week live series is carefully designed along developmental lines. “We take it slow and are very cautious,” Montgomery said. “The first part of the series is strictly about how to identify healthy relationships. As we inch towards the end of that, we start to talk about our relationships to our bodies.”

Because we take a developmental approach, we'll check in with all potential participants. If a participant isn't ready for the next series, they can skip it and repeat whichever series fits best, when that makes sense.

Part 1: All Relationships

Part 2: Self-Advocacy in Relationships

Part 3: Understanding Sexuality

Folks who complete all three series are eligible to join our weekly open format group for ongoing discussion on these topics.



(Twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m. beginning Jan. 25, 2021.)

Instructors: 3LPlace Developmental Specialists Andrew Haan and Rachel Steinberg

Description: A participant-driven exploration into what it means to be an adult and how to go about doing it, with a broad focus of how to establish both a morning and evening routine.

This module is spread across an eight-week period, two sessions per week, for two hours at a time. Session by session, we look at a wide array of aspects that encompass a daily routine, including but not limited to:

  • Creating a daily schedule (alarms, reminders, etc.)

  • Bathroom routine: Teeth-brushing, showering, shaving, etc.

  • Meal-prepping: Finding recipes, gathering ingredients, putting the meal/snack together, and cleaning-up

  • Monitoring screen time, etc.

The structure of this module is flexible from week to week, as we alternate the weekly focus from evening to morning routines, considering the specifics and skills that fall within each time of day. The participants themselves largely decide which skills we look at up close.

Participants engage in tracking a particular adulting skill each week as we create and build routine checklists. Learning continues both in and out of the virtual classroom, with a level of accountability and collaboration for each participant to begin establishing helpful and meaningful routines. During the first week, we set aside time to generate ideas and a wishlist for adulting information, and then tailor the module towards the most relevant and requested skills.

All participants leave with a sustainable morning and evening checklist, and, hopefully, the sense that creating and following a routine is worthwhile.