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3LPlace recognizes that learning, facilitated exploration, and support must be available beyond early adulthood -- when students age out of services provided by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act -- and continue throughout each individual's life.

Self-determination is at the heart of our program.  We begin by putting the individual at the center of the process, focusing on what is most meaningful to him or her, including environment, aspirations, friends, and families. We identify each individual's strengths and challenges and support them to learn, develop skills, participate in activities and achieve realistic, meaningful goals.

Equally important is the need for all people to belong to a community that values them, and accepts and celebrates their contributions. 3LPlace's work occurs within the context of community - the individual's immediate community of teachers, friends, and families, as well as the larger community that includes employers, shop-keepers, people on the street, and bus drivers.

Our modular approach to programming offers a menu of options, so that individuals and their families can select the most pertinent areas of learning.

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